Ryan Gosling & More Get the Graffiti Treatment from Hanksy

Walk by Arlene’s Grocery on the lower east side or the corner of Mulberry and Kenmare and you’ll find one of Hanksy’s works.  The graffiti artist has been posting his mash-ups of Banksy and actor Tom Hanks all over New York and is currently showing a few works at Krause Gallery.  Not content to stick to just one actor, he’s branched out with works of others, including one called "Drive-Thru" featuring Ryan Golsing.

He has also put up "Ted Dancin’."

Ted Dancin Hanksy

And this one of Bill Cosby. Hanksy told The Awl earlier this month, "not everything in this life has to be somber, serious, and thought-provoking. Street art included. Mindless humor is meant to be had and the success I’ve seen shows that other people believe that as well." We agree. 

Bill Cosby Hanksy

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