Ray Villafane Makes the Craziest, Coolest Halloween Pumpkins You’ve Ever Seen

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you gone to your local drugstore, ponied up $4 for that little kit with the spooky traceable sketches and dinky knives that always break after five minutes, and carved a pumpkin? Get some inspiration from (or just gape in awe at) the work of Ray Villafane, the so-called Picasso of Pumpkins.

Villafane makes a living sculpting action-figures and specs for DC Comics and other companies, but come Halloween he can be hired for $2,500-per-day for pumpkin carving. This month he’s been competing in Food Network’s Halloween Wars and has won their other pumpkin carving shows in 2008 and 2010.




Like many sculptors he lets the material choose what he carves. He prefers to work at night, taking about 12 hours on a creation, telling the WSJ, “It’s like I have deeper thoughts at night. My dream home is a cave.”

Take a look at more on his site, Villafane Studios.

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