Rachel Weisz to Betray Daniel Craig on Broadway

Noble Prize-winning English playwright, poet, genius, and wonderful human being Harold Pinter created plays that were as biting as they were reflective. His work exposed the menacing darkness lurking inside of men and woman, deliciously written with a bent towards absurdity but always based in the familiarity of everyday life. And this coming fall, beautiful English couple Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig will head to Broadway in Pinter’s  tale of infidelity, Betrayal.

Told in chronological reverse, Betrayal will star Weisz as Emma, a woman involved in a serious affair with a man named Jerry (played by Rafe Spall). Her unknowing husband Robert will be played by Craig, who appeared on Broadway in 2009’s A Steady Rain. In his 1983 review of the Pinter’s screen adaptation of his work, Roger Ebert said: 

The ‘Betrayal’ structure strips away all artifice. It shows, heartlessly, that the very capacity for love itself is sometimes based on betraying not only other loved ones, but even ourselves.

And if you weren’t thrilled enough, Broadway veteran and legendary director Mike Nichols will be directing the production—which is set to go into previews on October 1 and open November 3 at the Barrymore Theatre in New York.

Let’s all take this time to brush up on our Pinter. I suggest sitting alone in a darkened corner reading The Homecoming, watching The Servant, and maybe listening to Colin Firth read his poetry.

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