Post-Hurricane Blogging Is Tough, You Guys, or: The Search For Free Wifi

My internet conveniently went out this morning, which seems to make a lot of sense as it managed to hold on during Hurricane Sandy. With New Yorkers returning to work en masse by way of cabs and car services, I managed to change out of my blogging outfit (read: only sweatpants) and put on real clothes to face the day. I can report that South Brooklyn is blowin’ up. Kids are home from school and gleefully running down the sidewalks, bumping into grumpy childless adults who temporarily put their survivor’s guilt on hold to complain about having to do work today. It’s like Lord of the Rings out here, and I’m basically fighting orcs for free wireless internet right now. The blog must go on! 

So keep checking back to for all your usual pop culture commentary. We’ll have more absurdist pieces from Miles Klee, who is high and dry up in Harlem, and Lindsay Eanet will be here proving to all us how she’s the smartest for living in the Midwest where there are no tropical storms. Meanwhile, I’ll keep refilling this coffee because I am not leaving this shop until I blog all that must be blogged. As Lana Del Rey would say, it’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you. 

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