Ondi Timoner Turns to ‘Public’ To Fund Latest Project

Documentary filmmaker Ondi Timoner is typical associated with people doing big things, whether it’s Courtney Taylor and Anton Newcombe trading jabs at a show in Dig! or the Internet personalities of We Live In Public. Now, the two-time Sundance award winner is producing a documentary project about people doing big things. She is taking to Kickstarter to expand her current project, A Total Disruption, a website telling stories about people making waves in the technology world. Timoner refers to it as a “channel, and a web portal, and an archive and a revolution.”

The series highlights tech innovators, startup wizzes and inventors in short documentaries and webisodes, all looking at what motivates and inspires these people and what they do. She’s focused on the folks behind Reddit, Instagram, BitTorrent and so forth, and has interviewed more than 100 other tech people, and is looking to fundraise to finish the thing. She also wants to produce a new series called “Chief Executive Artist,” looking at people who are doing groundbreaking or buzzy things with art, music and technology. 

Timoner is asking for $96,000 to produce the series, and has a long way to go in 34 days. Among her rewards for the deep-pocketed patrons include the offer for her to watch and give notes on your film ($600), meet a “tech guru” and have a Skype conversation with the likes of Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman or Alexis Ohanian or join Timoner as she documents an Amanda Palmer show for the aforementioned CEA project, which, ooh, Amanda Palmer and Kickstarter? People are going to have opinions about this. Nevertheless, Timoner has made some great projects in the past and what she comes up with with this new series should be exciting. Learn more in the video below.

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