Neil Young & Crazy Horse Have A Posse

Street artist, agent-provocateur, branding maven and André the Giant posse-leader Shepard Fairey has been painting cultural icons since the days of his "OBEY" sticker campaign, in the process becoming one himself. Now, he will once again lend his talents in collaboration with another great artist, Neil Young.

Fairey will be working with Young and Crazy Horse to create pieces of art inspired by their latest album, Americana, a series of classic American folk songs reimagined, including "Wayfarin’ Stranger," "Clementine" and "This Land Is Your Land." Although none of the art is available for viewing yet, Fairey described his interpretation of "God Save the Queen" (aka "My Country, ‘Tis of Thee") to the NYT: the Queen and Betsy Ross sew British and American flags, along with the words "God save the land of liberty."

This isn’t the first time Young and Fairey have met at the intersection of art and rock. Back in 2010, Fairey created a series of prints in Young’s likeness in collaboration with iconic photographer Henry Diltz as part of his "May Day" exhibition, a showcase of images of progressive cultural heroes which also included likenesses of Keith Haring, Woody Guthrie and Muhammad Ali. A portion of the proceeds for these works went to benefit the Bridge School.

The album drops June 5th, while Fairey’s works inspired by the album will be available for a one-off viewing event at the Perry Rubinstein Gallery in Los Angeles on June 1st. The first track off of Americana, a gritty blues remake of the traditional American tune "Oh, Susannah," was released earlier this month. Take a listen below:

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