Music Executive Jordan Bratman Enters the LA Art World

You may know Jordan Bratman as a music executive, or you may know him as the ex Mr. Christina Aguilera. But lately, LA street art aficionados hooked on Banksy prints are getting to know the 34-year-old as a curator, collector, and booster of Venice’s booming urban art scene. “I come from the music business, but I got into this because I love it,” said Bratman at a recent, raucous opening for the artist Ron English. His gallery/store hybrid in Venice, Post No Bills, opened last June. “We’re trying to bring the real gallery experience into a fun, unpretentious environment.”

Bratman partnered with London/New York fixture Steve Lazarides to bring the same consumer art experience to California that’s been available in more established cultural capitals like New York and London for years. “We’re curating the right stuff for our generation, stuff you want to buy for your house,” said Bratman, adding he’s segueing out of the music biz and putting all his energy into Post No Bills. “So far it’s been a much more organic experience [working in the art world] than the music business.”

Of course, Venice has a long, rich history of art flies and world-renowned painters mingling in casual settings, but Bratman hopes he can foster that atmosphere further at his openings, even if the space for his pop-up may not be permanent. “We’re definitely staying in Venice,” he said, adding that he’d “like to expand.” Judging from the amount of work actually sold at the show, it seems the hunger for affordable street art (works were priced from $40 to $4000 at the Ron English opening) makes the expansion a very realistic possibility. “Once you catch the fever [for collecting] you can’t stop,” said Bratman before disappearing into the crowd.


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