Mint&Serf Celebrate New York’s Young and Restless

Photo by Mike Krim

New York City graffiti duo Mint and Serf have curated a new show at Tribeca’s No Romance Galleries featuring four photographers who cast a youthful glimmer over to the gritty pallor of the downtown scene. Location is everything for PJ Monte, Mike Krim, Osvaldo Chance Jimenez, and Harry McNally. They comprise a rising group of documentarians whose work conveys an acutely urban sensibility. They are enthusiastic about documenting their downtown escapades with friends, but they also have the ability to animate nondescript city scenes with their inquisitive quasi-anthropological gaze.

The exhibition was conceived in collaboration with Good Peoples for the seventh edition of the Special Graffiti Unit newsprint, a street-savvy publication that Mint and Serf started in 2010. “Never Too Young” is the title of the new issue and the accompanying group show. Countless photographers are vying to capture the real New York, but Mint and Serf are a step ahead. The photographers included the exhibition, though distinctive in style, each value authenticity, surpassing the horde of amateurs caught up with a contrived romanticism.  

The seventh issue of Special Graffiti Unit is available at Reed Space, Ace Hotel, ONLY NY and Printed Matter. “Never Too Young” will remain on view at No Romance Galleries through September 7th.

Harry McNally 1“Gravity At Work”  by Harry McNally
 Osvaldo Chance Jimenez 2by Osvaldo Chance Jimenez

PJ Monteby PJ Monte

Osvaldo Chance Jimenezby Osvaldo Chance Jimenez

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