Willfully Idiosyncratic Art at Anton Kern Gallery

Diane Simpson, Window 2, Window dressing:Bib-dots, 2006/07

British artist and curator Matthew Higgs brings together a “willfully idiosyncratic” collection of works for Displayed, a group exhibition that opens today at Anton Kern Gallery. Eighteen different artists are exhibiting works in the show, including Tom Burr, Moyra Davey, Rachel Harrison, Shio Kusaka, Margaret Lee, Josh Smith, and Jonas Wood among others. The show explores “displayism” across a variety of media, a visual habit of mind that Higgs considers to be “a broad yet pervasive aesthetic tendency.”

The works, which range from photography to painting and sculpture, seem disparate at first. Upon closer look, Higgs’ curating skills shine through as the intentionality of each work’s presentation becomes more apparent. Ultimately, Displayed asks viewers to reconsider the subtly of display and presentation, which is as much a part of everyday lives, in stores and living rooms, as it is in the gallery space.

Displayed opens July 2nd at Anton Kern Gallery in New York from 6-8 p.m. and will be open to the public through August 22nd.

Displayed 1
Moyra Davey, Newsstand No.2, 1994

Displayed 2
Annette Kelm, Untitled (Jahresring), 2010

Displayed 3
Marina Pinsky, Gaussian Blur I, 2013

Displayed 4
Josh Smith, Stage Painting 1, 2011

Displayed 5
Nancy Shaver, Letter to home, from home…….love you, 2013

Displayed 6
B Wurtz, Untitled, 1993

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