Left Handed Radio’s Dystopian Epic: ‘Zone’

If you’ve never done your ears the favor of hitting up Left Handed Radio, you’re not laughing as much as you could be. The monthly sketch comedy podcast—imagine an absurdist sketch show performed completely in the dark—is written and created by UCB vets Adam Bozarth, Dan Chamberlain, Anna Rubanova, Matt Little, and a rotating cast of ringers who manage to make you forget anything so cheap as a visual gag. Today, however, they’ve got a new video, “Zone,” a Funny or Die exclusive to boot.

Left Handed Radio is known in part for its surreal and madcap “Sequel Machine” experiments, in which they read us treatments for films like Dark Knight 4 and 9thmare on Elm Street, each page of which is penned by a new author who has only read the previous page. “Zone” has LHR playing with film tropes once again: this time, it’s the expository and perhaps overeager guide one bewildered survivor must rely upon during a technological apocalypse.

Forget the sci-fi blockbusters this summer; pretty sure I just want to see the rest of this movie.

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