Lana Del Rey’s ‘Lust For Life’ Just Got A BloodPop Remix

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If you’ve been waiting for Lana to enter her inevitable Joanne era, you might finally be getting a taste of what could come. That’s because our favorite moody songstress just got a remix from BloodPop, who co-wrote and produced all of Lady Gaga’s latest album.

The remix sees Lana’s collab with The Weeknd, “Lust For Life,” the title track off her latest record, played at a faster, more electric pace, with synth beats bopping in the background. Take a listen below.



BloodPop’s been quite busy theses days—he also just released “Friends” with Justin Bieber. Previously, he’s known for bangers like “Sorry” and for his work with artists including Madonna, Beyoncé, Grimes, and John Legend.