“Labyrinth of Glances” in Mexico City

There’s something delightfully subversive in the gallery of everyday eccentrics presented at Mexico City’s Cultural Center of Spain. The literal labyrinth of glances in “Laberinto de Miradas” look deep within the concept of immigration within Mexico and South America. Through the eyes of photographers like Eduardo Hirose and Raúl Cañibano, the process of uprooting and transplanting is documented without being dolled up. It’s less Vanity Fair and more National Geographic.

So this means that while the works in this exhibit don’t necessarily aspire towards high-concept, the motif of immigration is broadened out, allowing for subjects like political refugees, a young bride, and even this woman whose smugness is measured by her fur coat and penchant for argyle to share the same gallery space — their mutual experience lying in the sense of displacement they feel by having to give up one life in order to start another.

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