Imagine No Fracking and Maybe Buy a Carpet This Friday

There are still people out there who are sore at Yoko Ono for supposedly breaking up the Beatles, but for the rest of the left-leaning world, she’s emerged over the years as quite a hero. Say what you will about her, but you can’t deny that she’s been awfully consistent in her support of peace. Yes, it’s kind of a simple, single-issue platform, but it’s also hard to argue against it. Who doesn’t want peace? Of course, there are other ideas that support the concept of peace, and those include environmentalism, for which she is also a tireless advocate. With Earth Day coming up on Monday (have you done your shopping yet?) she’s throwing her considerable influence behind a specific cause that has rallied many in the entertainment industry: the fight against a type of natural gas extraction method known as fracking, which kind of sounds like another bad word. There’s evidence that fracking damages water supplies, and since most of us drink water, it’s something to be concerned about. And so, she’s organizing a celebrity-drenched event on Friday at Manhattan’s ABC Carpet & Home to raise awareness and rally support for the anti-fracking cause. 

Entitled "Imagine No Fracking" (there a display of her murals in the store’s windows with messages to this affect) the invite-only event will feature such celebrities as Adrian Grenier as co-host, Susan Sarandon as honorary co-chair, and Rufus Wainright as musical guest. There will be a few surprise celebrity cameos as well, along with food from ABC Kitchen. And while they got rid of the yurt years ago, there’s funky furniture and cool carpets to look at as you plan the interior design of your future dream house. Better get an SUV to lug it all home (I kid). 

I wish them luck in their fight against fracking, but it’s an uphill battle to be sure. Fracking projects are going at full speed all over New York State, although the environmental impact is still being measured. Of course there’s some benefit to having a new domestic energy source, and it will create tons of high-paying jobs (it will, right? Tons of good-paying jobs?) but from what I’ve heard it does beat the hell out of the earth. If only the same money, ferver, and political will were put behind clean energy sources we’d have global warming licked in no time.

And so, while Yoko Ono and her chums might be an easy target to pick on (her "I Love You Earth" poem in today’s Village Voice isn’t exactly Shakespeare), I’m glad she’s able to disregard the slings and arrows and keep pushing forward. Do you have a cause you’re as devoted to? 

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