Hot Doggin’ It

A new conceptual Tumblr has been making the rounds, asking viewers to differentiate between human legs and hot dogs. (Try it. It’s basically impossible.) Clearly the simple frankfurter has rich potential for contemporary art—we just spotted some faux-dogs repurposed as Minimalist sculptures in Cameron Gray’s exhibition at Mike Weiss—and this is a trend we heartily applaud. (This 1974 gross-out solo performance by Paul McCarthy is a key moment in the canon of hot dog art.)

Hot-Dog Legs also plays with the camera’s ability to obfuscate reality while pretending to accurately depict it. In other words, photos of hot dog legs are pretty much the shitty-meat equivalent of the work of Thomas Demand, who tricks us into thinking that paper models of architectural spaces are actually real environments. We look forward to a comprehensive survey of this important work when the Whitney opens its downtown location in 2015; frankly, we can’t wait for “THIS IS NOT A WEINER: IMAGING THE HOT DOG.”
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