HeTexted.com: For All Your Romantic Communication Quandaries

It’s a regular scenario in this age of mostly digital communication. You go out, meet someone, have a great time, but then receive a text (or in some rather upsetting cases, a tweet) with vague or mixed signals. You go to your closest confidantes to try to decipher the message, but even that sometimes feels a bit uncomfortable, because ugh, why bother anyone with your feelings? Why talk to your close friends or regular sources of guidance when you can crowd-source complete strangers to decipher your text messages? Well, thanks to the Internet, now you can!

HeTexted.com is a new website where the romantically interested and unable to read between the iMesssage lines can ask their peers whether or not the gentleman doing the texting is into them or not. In most cases, the answer is “no,” and in most cases, it’s actually pretty obvious (“I love you but I have a tendency to screw up relationships;” “Sorry fell asleep last night…”). It’s almost a little uncomfortable to have such a public view of someone getting very clearly blown off by a guy they like. I mean, it happens, and it happens to everyone, but this site seems like it’s definitely more of an addictive, can’t-look-away work distraction than a source of real advice for real people.

For what it’s worth, not every text is a rejection. In one case, the sender screencapped an image of an IMAX film about polar bears narrated by Meryl Streep. “Sweet or creepy,” the recipient wanted to know. The results were 2:1 in favor of “He’s Into You.” So basically, ladies, polar bears are a good sign. 

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