Get Ready To Smash The Wiki-Patriarchy This Weekend

Ready for some renegade e-activism to right the gender imbalance of the Internet? Tomorrow, New York’s Eyebeam joins a bevy of international organizations for the Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon, a collective, participatory action directed at the online encyclopedia’s demographic ills. (According to press materials, only 13% of the site’s editors are women; as a result, “Wikipedia is clearly skewed.”)

Volunteers are invited to Eyebeam’s 540 West 21st Street location for an afternoon of concentrated editing, all with the goal of increasing the representation of women artists on Wikipedia. “There isn’t really any rhyme or reason for the absences and gaps,” Eyebeam’s organizational committee told me via email, speaking of the site’s current blind spots. “Across the board you can say that living female artists of a similar stature to their male peers don’t have pages, or their pages have much less information on them. The Edit-A-Thon will ultimately be driven by the interests of each participant: for example, co-organizer Michael Mandiberg intends to create well-cited stubs for Caroline Woolard, Kristin Lucas, and Simone Leigh.”

These BYOLaptop events (all of which offer childcare options) will unfold simultaneously at a total of 22 venues, including the Sackler Center for Feminist Art in the Brooklyn Museum; The Public School in Los Angeles; De Appel in Amsterdam; and Eastern Block in Montreal.

What prominent women artists are inexplicably missing on Wikipedia? Tell us in the comments (and then go do something about it).

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