Extraterrestrial Artist Mike Alan to Bring His ‘Living Installation’ Series to 17 Frost Gallery

“Fuck your ego,” says the infamous self-dubbed extraterrestrial artist/musician Mike Alan, “17 naked wild people on and against the walls of 17 Frost Gallery. Live tattoos. Fire. Paint. Music. Making out. People stuck together. Bad Santa. Comedy. Sadness. Sexy. Not sexy. Everything.”

Alan is currently preparing for the latest installment of his decade spanning “Living Installation” series, aptly titled “The Anti-Depression Show” at Williamsburg’s 17 Frost Gallery. Having received critical acclaim from the New Museum and widespread media coverage from Marie Claire Italia, the Huffington Post, and many more, Living Installation is pegged to be truly visceral experience.

The series takes participants through the rabbit hole and into the rambunctious, unyielding world of Mike Alan Alien. “I have the strength to create this wild world—this unreal realm for people to connect verses being disconnected,” Alan said. Unabashed nudity, paint flinging, transcendent self-made music and endless outlets for self expression will make up Alan’s Living Installation. The scope and emotional breadth of it is nearly impossible to put into words.

Having faced his fair share of struggles—nerve damage, the recent loss of his home and the death of his daughter—Alan suggests that “to create is to kill depression,” which is exactly what he has planned for The Anti-Depression Show. “The holidays are rough,” he said. “The city gets still and people get sad. I want to create a space we can all let loose and put aside all of that. It’s needed. The art world is hard to say the least. People feel lost, left out [or] alone. We are art. You are a living installation.”

“Living Installation: The Anti-Depression Show” is limited to 100 ticket holders. The performance begins at 6:00 pm Dec. 19 and lasts 10 total hours. Tickets can be purchased, here.

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