Ever Wanted to Write a Malcolm Gladwell Bestseller?

Now, you too can create your very own bestselling nonfiction book that people will love, hate, purchase in droves, make a point to tell you numerous times that they’ve read and that will compel said people to "redshirt" their kids out of kindergarten or whatever else you made them think was a good idea. Writer and producer Cory Bortnicker and Brett Molé of Disposable Planet have created a lovely little Internet diversion called The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator, in which one merely clicks through to find their Gladwellian classic.

Examples, each written cleanly in a serif font with a simple image at the center a la the covers of Outliers and The Tipping Point, include Nothing: What Sandcastles Can Teach Us Aboiut North Korean Economic Policy, The Tripping Point: How Psychoactive Substances Created A… Wait, I Can’t Feel My Face, Bro, Power: How Power Powerfully Powers Power and our favorite, Clarissa: How One Woman Explained It All. The only things that would make it better would be the option for people to send in their own Gladwell pitches (Buffalo: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, anyone?) and for Gladwell himself to totally unironically write one of these as his next project. 


Goodnight, everybody! 

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