Dr. Seuss’ Forgotten Book Full of Naked Ladies

Yesterday was the 108th anniversary of the birth of everyone’s favorite rhyming children’s book author, Dr. Seuss. Classes partook in celebration, conservatives continued to slam The Lorax for its supposed anti-capitalist agenda, and Dr. Seuss quotes clogged up Tumblr. Everyone knows the story of the Grinch and the Cat and the Hat.  Less known, is his adult book full of naked ladies.

In 1939, when Theodor Giesel left one publisher to go to another his one condition was that he got to write an adult book first.  He created The Seven Lady Godivas, a picture book for grown ups based on the legend of the woman who rode naked through town to protest her husbands taxes and of course, centuries later be the namesake of a chocolate company

In Seuss’ book, as the title gives away, there are seven ladies, all sisters and all very unclothed, who vow never to marry after their father passes away until they learned horse maxims such as "Don’t ever look a gift horse in the mouth."

If you’re all, ‘huh?’ you’re not the only one.  Despite the anatomically incorrect naughty pictures, it did not do well. Just 2,500 copies were sold. "I attempted to draw the sexiest babes I could, but they came out looking absurd,” Seuss reportedly said. 

More pictures at Brain Pickings.

Dr. Seuss Seven Lady Godivas

Dr. Seuss Seven Lady Godivas

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