Digging Into The Details of Dennis Congdon’s Latest Paintings

You’ve got until March 2 to catch Dennis Congdon‘s stunning suite of paintings at Horton Gallery in the Lower East Side. The large canvases conjure a wide range of associations, from Dana Schutz’s faces to Philip Guston’s books and the colorful lines of a Dr. Seuss volume; something in their crisp flatness also brings to mind Lari Pittman. (Congdon’s palette is wholly his own and completely weird, and deserves to be seen in person). Despite the generally lighthearted vibe, there’s also something deeply elegaic at work here. Congdon’s depiction of a pile of dejected and forgotten Picasso canvases reminds us of the possible fate of all the objects we hold dear, including these paintings; today’s masterpieces can be tomorrow’s detritus. (Please note that all the photos here are detail shots taken from the works).

dennis3 dennis4 dennis5 dennis6 dennis7

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