Derby Girls Make Big Impression

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Sure, that one short-lived reality show about derby girls single-handedly shredded the public’s conception of the sport and its sub-culture, but thanks to poor ratings and the capable hands of Jocelyn Foye, a roller-derby resurgence may be nigh. Having explored sumo wrestling, cheerleading, pole-dancing, and fencing, Foye captures the essence of derby girls for her latest work by utilizing over 150 pounds of clay. She created clay-based panels and mounted them on walls opposite each other. Then Foye enlisted a pair of girls from the LA Derby Dolls to strap on helmets and kneepads, then ricochet off the walls, leaving various indentations and imprints on the clay. The results are the focal point of her new piece, as part of the “New In Show” exhibition at the San Pedro, CA-based Angels Gate Cultural Center. Although the show finishes its run in late August, the Derby Girls continue to make appearances elsewhere, including spreading goodwill at the Mayor’s Day of Service this Saturday.