Dan Brown To Piss Off Dante Scholars This Time

Angels & Demons. The Da Vinci CodeThe Lost Symbol. Odds are you read the dust jacket of one of these books or fell asleep to its film adaptation on an airplane. Hell, I even have a friend who read the non-Robert Langdon thrillers—they had names like Digital Fortress and Deception Point, which could now easily double as titles for cheap iPad games. Anyway, his newest insult to educated minds is Inferno.

Yeah, you know the inferno he means. Guess calling it The Divine Comedy was a step too far? The novel, which comes out May 14, 2013—wait, that’s 5/14/13. A clue! Because 1 + 4 = 5 and 3 + 1 = 4. Which gives you 54. Which is exactly two years younger than Dante Alighieri was when he died! You can’t get anything past me, Brown. I’m basically a puzzle-solving machine.

Math is one thing, but I bet we’ll get to learn a lot about Renaissance culture itself, with lengthy disquisitions on the Guelph-Ghibelline split that characterized Florentine politics in Dante’s time. Plus maybe some well-supported speculation concerning Virgil’s poetic influence on his work. Either that or it’ll be a bunch of high-speed chases in black Citroëns. Whichever. 

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