CULTURE BLAST: MoMA’s Renovation, Miley Cyrus Liberal Arts Course, Emerging Transgender Artists

10 Transgender Artist Who Are Changing The Landscape of Contemporary Arts 

First the fashion world (Barneys “Brothers, Sisters Sons and Daughters”)  and now the art world. The transgender community is taking spotlight.

MoMA May Be Facing A Renovation

But it looks like nobody likes it, and nobody is doing anything to stop it.

Another Looted Painting is Being Returned 

This time it involves The Tate and Constable’s Beaching a Boat.

The World’s Most Expensive Artwork

Think the print you purchased from ABC Carpet and Home that’s hanging above your fire couch was a splurge? Check out these pricy canvases.

Change Your Major to Miley Cyrus

A Liberal Arts College in upstate New York is offering courses on “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus” — sorry, twerking lessons not included.

Gaga is Opening Another Pop-Up Gallery 

This time it’s for her extravagant video “G.U.Y.” which was shot at Hearst Castle.

Queens to Get its First Art District in Astoria 

Plans set to boost a creative community and jobs.

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