CULTURE BLAST: Jemima Kirke Can Paint, Prada Marfa Defacer Found, Marina On Shia

Texas artist admits to defacing the chicest littlest Prada outpost.

Say it isn’t so. Prada Marfa Instagram-takers rejoice, the culprit has allegedly been found. And were giving him exactly what he wanted — publicity!

Student breaks a 19th Century Statue… while taking a selfie. 

Maybe the selfie should reserve mass popularity for the fashion world. When art is involved, you just end up breaking a 19th century Greco-Roman statue.

Polish artist Paweł Althamer creates a blank canvas that’s waiting for your artist touch. 

The last time I was at The New Museum I was scorned upon because I leaned against the wall. Now, come to my surprise, you can draw on the them!

Nymphomaniac star Shia LaBeouf gets reviewed by performance art superstar Marina Abramović

The best of both worlds? In a totally different setting than Disney Channel backlot, Marina weighs in on the “not-famous” actor’s latest antics.

A Look Inside Jemima Kirk’s Art Universe 

Your favorite British rebel on HBO’s “Girls” is an artist of many talents. Not only can Jemima Kirke act like a total fun-drug obsessor on screen, she can also paint. (And it looks like she’s taken some pointers from BFF’s Lena Dunham’s artistic direction — cue the bare breast.)

A Parisian New York family is finally getting back a missing Matisse. 

Looks like fingers are all being pointed at who else, the Nazis.

Gagosian Gallery set to open a pop-up gallery on Delancey Street. 

The Lower East Side just got a little  trendier.

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