Cory Arcangel’s “tl;dr” Show at Team Gallery

Pop icons receive artist Cory Arcangel’s technologically inclined treatment in his latest exhibit “tl;dr”.  On display at Team Gallery’s Wooster street location, the exhibit consists of a series of works entitled Lakes, in which Arcangel applies the Java applet “Lake” to pop culture related images on flat screen televisions turned vertically.  The humorously relevant works include an Instagram post of Larry David and Skrillex and Diddy boarding a private jet. Arcangel’s televisions function as unconventional frames for the pop icons, while the application of the applet creates an entrancing liquid reflection of the images on the lower half of the screens.  The artist’s post-internet savvy subject matter coupled with the integration of the applet mirrors his signature affinity towards utilizing technology as his choice medium. Arcangel’s decision to cover the gallery’s floor with a red carpet subverts the traditional notion of the white cube space, and provides a quasi showroom environment for the works. “Tl;dr” will be on view through October 26th.

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Team Gallery
47 Wooster Street
New York, NY

Image courtesy of team (gallery, inc.), New York

photo credit: Joerg Lohse

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