Check Out Reddit’s Most Popular Pictures of 2011

If you’re not particularly familiar with Reddit’s hyperconcentrated nerddom, here’s an excellent way to get caught up: their top 20 most popular photos, as decided by accumulated hits, votes and user comments. It’s not your typical brand of memery, cute cats and talking babies and whatnot; there’s pop culture references, DIY construction products, progressive fantasies and "justice" as decided by the Reddit community. The Reddit users can be particularly do-or-die in their approach to the Internet and the stories it produces, and this list is a microcosm of the things that stuck in the website’s collective craw.

There are many year-end lists, yes, and not all of them necessary or particularly thought out. It can be hard to figure out what’s essential and what’s merely traffic-baiting. You wouldn’t necessarily want to read through the Top 50 Ambient Disco EPs, or the Top 98 Kardashian-Endorsed Products, would you? This Reddit list feels semi-worthwhile, though, if only because of the high volume of content the users consume on a typical day. It’s like a window into the soul of the Internet, the real hardcore users, the ones who’ve been surfing and judging since the mid-90’s. Doesn’t that seem a little interesting?

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