Watch: Cub Sport’s Dreamy New Music Video for Heartbreak Single ‘Good Guys Go’

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Cub Sport have released their new single and music video “Good Guys Go,” a sleepy, synth-heavy track about loneliness and unhealthy relationships. The video follows lead singer Tim Nelson through a night lit by electric reds and blues, as he poses and dances around an old car.

“‘Good Guys Go’ is about an imbalanced relationship where one person is doing everything they can to keep the other up but it isn’t being reciprocated,” says Nelson. “It’s more-or-less about carrying the burden of emotional labour for yourself and your partner.”

The song was written entirely in Nelson’s bedroom, and is the first release from Cub Sport engineered and produced by him.

“It was one of those writing/recording experiences where I could hear really clearly where I wanted to take it,” he explains, “so I just kept going without a break and by the time I’d left my room the song was pretty much as it is today. I started with the drum loop and the chords which I recorded on one of my favorite organ sounds on my Alessis synth. It felt really good straight away, so I was very conscious to keep the instrumentation simple.”

“I recorded all of the vocals and played around with different effects until they felt right,” he continues. “One of the last things I added was the whirring siren-sounding synth parts through the pre-chorus and chorus. They brought another level of intensity and grit to the song – it’s like this contrasting, dirty, harsh backdrop for the smooth, clean harmonies.”

The band will embark on a tour of the US and Canada beginning in February – tickets are available here.

Take a look at the new video below.