Casey Jane Ellison Hosts an Art Talk Show That Won’t Put You to Sleep

Contemporary art may not be for everyone, but the new Ovation web series Touching the Art with Casey Jane Ellison definitely is. You might recognize Ellison from the VFILES series What The F*shion?, but off the screen she works as an artist and stand-up comic, credited with inventing the comedian avatar. Touching the Art premiers today with an episode featuring the New York Times art writer Jori Finkel, photographer and UCLA professor Catherine Opie, and ForYourArt founder Bettina Korek tackling the tough questions posed by Ellison: Why does art alienate the public? What is art’s purpose in society? Is art made by celebrities more valued in the art world? Why does work by women artists fetch lower prices? Next week’s episode will consider art’s moral implications and the role of the Internet. The program dissects contemporary art issues using an irreverent lens. With Ellison’s wry humor at the helm, even the art illiterate can enjoy.  

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