Brooke Candy and Sia Release Beautiful, Emboldening Video for ‘Living Out Loud’

Today, Brooke Candy drops the music video for her latest project, “Living Out Loud,” featuring the one and only Sia. The video displays Candy, as well as various men and women, dressed confidently in high-necked white lace gowns.

Candy elects to display herself in a softer, more subdued presentation in this video than her prior work – an interesting statement since she still shows off prominent body tattoos and crawls around on the ground in bondage gear like a spider.

The writing of “Living Out Loud” was a collaboration between Sia, Greg Kurstin, Geoffrey Early, and Priscilla Renea. Sia herself does not appear in the video, but, in classic form, dancers with her signature black and white wigs.

Take a look below:

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