Downtown LA, We’ve Got a Message for You


Two things have exploded in the creative vortex over the last couple of years: Downtown Los Angeles and digital art. A class of innovators — from real estate developers to hospitality impresarios to artists of many mediums — have made DTLA the frontier of cool, and they’re getting their message out far and wide. This summer, Ace Hotel DTLA, the cool kid’s modern-day salon, is giving local and international artists a platform for expression through its collaboration with the digital content sharing platform WeTransfer. Starting this month and lasting through February 2016, the Ace is handing the reins of their billboard each month to an artist to showcase their work and broadcast their vision for LA to literal passersby.

The collab, aptly named Dear DTLA, is starting local with LA-based Brian Roettinger, an artist and graphic designer responsible for the art direction of music’s biggest acts (he’s the guy behind Florence and the Machine’s and Mark Ronson’s latest album art). His message to DTLA? “Never odd or even.” Short and sweet, definitely less than 140 characters, but we needed a little clarification, so we asked Roettinger to explain. His poetic response, below:


A Palindrome Tome

Never Odd or Even
But residing in between
No man’s land or
Or merely limbo in another name

Nothing is “for sale,” I thought.
How fitting: WeTransfer
Along with Ace Hotel
Helped create this billboard spectacle

An artist’s rotation—sending volleys
Through lines—or interwebs
While this typographic feast
Nests along Broadway and 9th

This intersection represents
DTLA, as the acronym goes
A change in scenery
Something Cosmic or Chaotic grows

Who’s to tell?
Three blocks from
40s LA Noir-ish Skid Row
A hipster’s quagmire/paradise?

Laced with ecstasy
A message written in
Quivering fantastical type
A Farewell to Arms of a New Order

Favoring, instead, this notion
that we’re all in a movie
Caught (feverishly) between feuding
Liberty’s of libertines and real life

However tactical
One asks patiently:
What does that mean?
Or, does it mean anything?


If you can’t view the billboard for yourself in DTLA, and even if you can, you can download the artist’s work digitally through WeTransfer. And check out BlackBook’s new curated city guides to Downtown LA for where to eat, drink, and hang right now.

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