‘Boardwalk Empire’ Teases With New Season 4 Trailer

With Game of Thrones off the air and the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad shrouded in mystery (at least since that stolen script was recovered), it’s time to get a taste of that other masterpiece of 21st Century premium cable ultra-violence: Boardwalk Empire.

The show’s massive boardwalk set was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, so it may come as little surprise that most of what we’re seeing first of season four is indoors: in the clubs, speakeasies, and smoke-filled back rooms that define the Prohibition era. When last we left Steve Buscemi’s Nucky Thompson, he had vanquished his rival Gyp Rosetti in a street war, but at great personal cost. It doesn’t appear as though Margaret, his now estranged wife, played by the endlessly great Kelly Macdonald, will come crawling back anytime soon.

What we do know is that WWI vet and fan favorite Richard Harrow will continue to be the ultimate stick-up artist; Nucky may be forging ties with a doctor of divinity who controls Harlem (Jeffrey Wright) and will have to deal with a wealthy businessman (Ron Livingston) who gets close to the mother of the protégé he murdered in season two. 

Whenever I get overwhelmed with all the stuff I’m juggling in life, I just think to myself: at least I’m not an HBO character. Those guys just can’t catch a break.

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