Bid On a Funky Painting of Donald Trump in East Hampton This Friday

Do whatever it takes–Uber a chopper if you must–to get to William Quigley’s studio in East Hampton by 8pm on Friday, July 12. That’s the official start time for "The Pleasurists," an art show featuring, well, art, obviously, as well as vodka, music, and a live auction to benefit Guild Hall. In case I didn’t have you at vodka, the unique selling point of this event is the chance to acquire a couple of extremely unique pieces of art, including avant-garde portraits of Donald Trump and Ethan Hawke. Just imagine how great it would be to have The Donald on one wall of your home, contemplating firing your lazy ass 24/7, and Mr. Before Midnight on another, beckoning you with those bedroom eyes? It’s the ultimate yin and yang, complementary forces in contemporary pop culture.

Your hosts for this eclectic event are artists William Quigley, who had his first exhibit with Andy Warhol back in 1985 and has since risen to international renown, and Ben Moon, a multimedia master who uses projected visuals, interactive social media, and live and recorded music to bring you into "the world of Ben Moon."

Paintings by both artists will be on display, and there will be a performance of Moon’s interactive piece ROKLYFE, which, from the look of it, should be extra fun after getting acquainted with sponsor Russian Standard Vodka’s contribution to the evening. In a further blow to boxed-chardonnay’s stranglehold on the art gallery market, the other sponsors include Rolling Rock beer and Smokin’ Wolf Barbecue. You won’t even miss those little cubes of cheese. 

If that’s not wild enough for you, the live auction will be conducted by comedian Andy Dick. Good luck with that one, guys. Seriously. 

To RSVP, send a funny email to and get your bidding paddles ready, because this could end up being the Hamptons art event of the summer, or at least a very wild party. 

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