Beyoncé, Jay Z, and DJ Khaled Have Dropped a New Single

Image via Tidal

Following the Grammys’ ignorant and wild decision to snub Beyoncé’s Lemonade for Album of the Year, Queen Bey has dropped a new single, “Shining,” with her husband Jay-Z and friend DJ Khaled.

The last time Beyoncé and Jay have collaborated was 2013’s saving grace, Drunk in Love. While B did pick up Grammys last night for Best Video and Best Urban/Contemporary Album, she was beat out by Adele for the top awards.

“Shining” includes a few interesting lines, particularly this one from Jay-Z that some are speculating may be a diss to Drake: “I know y’all ain’t out here talking numbers, right? I know y’all ain’t out here talking summers, right? I know you walkin’ round, talking down/Saying boss shit when you a runner, right?”

You’ll also want to note that the single’s sover image feature’s Khaled’s precious son Asahd Tuck Khaled, looking dapper in a suit and bowtie.


“Shining” is now streaming exclusively on Tidal. You can preview the single below.


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