Artist Laura Flook On Her Creation For The Upcoming Faberge Big Egg Hunt

Dressing up for Halloween has become as much a grownups’ activity as one for the kiddies. But decorating and hunting for Easter eggs—perhaps because the paint goes on the egg instead of your face—hasn’t quite made the leap to adulthood.

But Faberge have built a legend by artistically reinventing the little white orb. And this year’s Big Egg Hunt ( saw them commissioning 250 large egg sculptures from internationally renowned artists and designers—to be stashed at various locations around the five boroughs of NYC. The hunt will take place from April 1st through April 26th, and proceeds will go to a number of different charities.

BlackBook was particularly taken with the egg done by New York artist Laura Flook, who presents her own rather unsettling image of that little bunny also known to be associated with the holiday.

“It was three months of splendid trial and error,” she elaborates, “smothered in arbitrary development. Upon finishing it, I experienced nine days of debilitating cluster headaches and probably slept enough to make an insomniac weep.”

She also created a stunning video, titled The ConFINEmeNT of Valediction, allowing for not-in-real-time glimpses into her process.

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