Amy Winehouse’s Childhood Remembered in London Exhibit

Photo: Karen Blue via Flickr

Legendary singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse’s life was cut tragically short, though her legacy lives on in the hearts and ears of fans around the world – and now, her past will further be cemented in history with the creation of a new exhibit opening at the Camden Jewish Museum.

The exhibition will document Winehouse’s early life, with photos of her at Shabbat dinners as a child, displays of her early possessions and treasures, and background on her family history. It will expand on the previously held “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait,” which, as one might expect, more closely examined the artists relatives.

An art trail featuring artists including Captain Kris, Mr Cenz, Philth, and Amara Por Dios will accompany the exhibit, with street art pieces inspired by Amy. The final piece in the trail is by Pegasus and titled “Love is a Losing Game.”

“Aside from being an immensely talented, iconic and inspirational singer, Amy was also a Jewish girl from North London,” explained Abigail Morris, the Jewish Museum London’s director. “It is fitting that the Jewish Museum in her beloved Camden Town should be the place to tell her story.”

The exhibit will be on display starting March 16 at the Jewish Museum, with the art trail running March 15 to June 4.

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