A Documentary About Making George Michael’s ‘Trojan Souls’ Has Surfaced on YouTube

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Just days after George Michael’s abrupt death at age 53, an 81-minute documentary following the making of the late artist’s never-released project Trojan Souls. The album was reportedly intended to feature a variety of artists Michael admired performing alongside his own work. According to Idolator, musicians including Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Sade, Seal, and Anita Baker were invited to contribute.

The documentary, filmed in 1992 and/or early ’93, offers an intimate look inside Michael’s creative process: there’s footage of the singer experimenting with chords on the keyboard, playing with his guitar, composing arrangements vocally, and even jamming out with Wendy Melvoin, a member of Prince’s band The Revolution.

Check out the full doc below.

Elton John recorded a draft of vocals for “This Kind of Love,” intended to have been put on the album. You can listen to a rough cut of that below.

John went on to release Duets, an album with a similar concept to that of Trojan Souls, which featured the Elton-George collaboration “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.”