A Bunch Of Unverified Stuff Concerning Thomas Pynchon

The infamously secretive (but surely not as weird as Salinger) postmodernist author and absolute genius Thomas Pynchon turns 76 this year: that much we know. But will he publishing a novel this fall called Bleeding Edge, as Ron Charles of The Washington Post tweeted on Friday? Penguin Press, who should know, isn’t saying anything. But maybe that’s to heighten suspense.

Secondly, how closely is Pynchon collaborating with Paul Thomas Anderson on a film adaptation of his previous effort, the screwball noir Inherent Vice? He certainly allowed to book to be optioned, though it’s hard to imagine him getting involved in the script, let alone production. He did, however, do a few notable appearances on The Simpsons, so a cameo is something to hope for.  

Finally, can we even confirm that Thomas Pynchon exists? Literary conspiracy theorists—and Pynchon, whoever he is, would delight in such—have claimed a massive practical joke: Since his first novel, V., a select few readers have argued that “Thomas Pynchon” is the alter-ego of fellow postmodern writer William Gaddis, who died in 1998. Meaning Against The Day was written by a zombie, I think?

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