5 Art Shows to Get You Ready for New York Art Week

Jack Pierson. Image courtesy of artist and Maccarone.


Leonardo Drew at Pace Prints, 521 W 26 St., NYC

leonardoDrew_PaceLeonardo Drew, 38P, 2014. Photo courtesy of Pace Prints.

In keeping with next week’s Art on Paper fair, Drew works with the raw pulp of paper to create textured surfaces. The ripples and tears emphasize the fragility of the organic, evoking both abstract form and the bare elements. Opens Feb 27.


Jack Pierson at Maccarone, 630 Greenwich St., NYC

jackpierson_maccaroneGallery view. Photo courtesy of Maccarone. 

Pierson’s show, Paintings, consists of a series of sensual photographs transferred to canvas, in an experiment to both reveal and break the preconceived notions of painting and photography as mediums. The duality between the two is also explored through subjects thematically as the vulgar and the pure, mainstream culture and counter-culture, distortion and clarity. Ends March 7.


2015 Triennial: Surround Audience at New Museum, 235 Bowery, NYC

TRIENNIAL_newmuseumJuliana Huxtable, Untitled, 2014 (detail). Courtesy the artist and New Museum.

Sound Audience, co-curated by Lauren Cornell and Ryan Trecartin, is a exploration into artist’s rights, privacy and the breakdown of power systems, within the context of the online, social media cultural climate. Featuring over 51 artists from all over the world, the exhibit runs from February 25 to May 24.


Tomi Ungerer at The Drawing Center, 35 Wooster St., NYC

tomiUngerer_drawingcenterTomi Ungerer, Eat, 1969. Image courtesy of Rennert’s Gallery and The Drawing Center.

This exhibition, All In One, focuses on major works by the famed illustrator, whose drawings run the gamut from beloved children’s books to compelling political posters to witty advertising campaigns for The New York Times and Village Voice. Though he’s not well-known in America due to his self-imposed exile, the works on display are impossible to easily forget. Ends March 22.


Ernst Fischer at CUE Art Foundation, 137 W 25th St., NYC

ErsntFischer_CUEErnst Fischer, Lead 1, 2014. Photo courtesy of CUE Art Foundation.

Fischer seeks to exceed mechanical limitations by pushing his homemade camera to it’s breaking point, and ending up with these brilliant exposures. Somewhere between a digital effect and a mistake, the works seeks to the repurpose the camera and deconstruction the image. Ends March 14.

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