The 10 Best Tweets of Last Night’s Golden Globes


This year’s Golden Globes were packed with political punch – celebrities wore all black on the red carpet in solidarity with the Time’s Up movement, shining a spotlight on workplace abuse and inequality. On stage and on camera, celebrities delivered quippy remarks and highly-retweetable moments, not least of which included Oprah’s already legendary speech accepting the Cecil B. DeMille honorary award for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.”

Below, we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite tweets of the night – some poignant, some capturing an important moment in the program, and some we just love because they exist.


Steve Carrell snapping a pic with Kelly Clarkson


Mariah iconically referencing herself


Oprah’s full acceptance speech


This lovely recognition of Natalie Portman’s genius


This nugget of undeniable truth


Mindy Kaling confirming the power of being in a makeup trailer with Oprah


Chrissy Teigen remembering her priorities


Some more Natalie love


Reese summing up the night’s legacy


Brit doing her own thing this year

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