Tennessee Criminalizes Pregnant Drug Use; Local Meth Industry Takes A Major Hit

An Open Letter To The South:

Hi, The South. How are you doing? It’s good to see that you are finally doing some good. In the last few weeks, I’ve been slightly disappointed at you and all your inhabitants below the Mason-Dixie line.

Just last week, The South, you bitch-slapped us by passing the “Guns Everywhere” bill in Georgia which now allows your citizens to bring guns into schools, churches, and workplaces. That’s a bit creepy, The South. And then you passed a bill that would add further restrictions to abortion laws for Florida’s women. C’mon, The South, you seem to be partying like it were 1949.

But this week, you redeemed yourself, The South: Tennessee will now criminalize moms who use drugs during pregnancy.

Tennessee women who use drugs while pregnant can be criminally charged for harm done to their infants beginning July 1.

Gov. Bill Haslam signed the legislation Tuesday after “extensive conversations with experts including substance abuse, mental health, health and law enforcement officials,” he wrote in a statement. “The intent of this bill is to give law enforcement and district attorneys a tool to address illicit drug use among pregnant women through treatment programs.”

Finally, a good move on you, The South! That’s a bill that should hopefully catch on with the rest of the country, because obviously the infant is the innocent victim in this scenario. Still, it raises the question, how much drugs are pregnant women in Tennessee doing? And, how will this law affect the local methamphetamine industry?

While you think about that, why not enjoy this video of a pregnant woman smoking:

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