NYC Softee Turf Wars

I hope this doesn’t get ugly; I hope lives aren’t lost, families destroyed, and city property isn’t damaged. Apparently, NYC is strictly a one Softee town.

The New York Daily News reports:

The New Jersey-based owner of the famed Mister Softee dessert company filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court. Master Softee trucks are housed in a Long Island City garage owned by Dimitrios Tsirkos — a former Mister Softee franchisee.

This refreshing summer dessert debacle as turned into a showdown at the soft-serve corral.

To avoid confusion, this is Mister Softee


And this is Master Softee


Sure, you might say the coneheads look a HELL of a lot alike — but that’s just being racist. Normally, men who have dairy products and a cone for a head look quite a lot a like (and often shop at the same bowtie store).

An argument could be made that Master Softee is a blatant knockoff of Mister Softee, in the same way that Dr. Skipper is a blatant Safeway grocery store knock off of Dr. Pepper. (They just happened to go to the same medical school.) Why cry “trademark infringement”? The Softees are a big family with numerous nieces and nephews.

Master Softee drivers praised the Tsirkos team saying the Whitestone businessman doesn’t charge the annual $3,400 “royalty” fee that Conway bills his vendors.

“We are going to fight them,” said the depot manager, who would not identify himself by name. “We are going to fight them all the way.

If you see a Mister Softee truck torched this summer, I think we will know who is to blame. Master Softee is no softy.

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