Tumblr’s New Babblr Feature Not Working At All So Far

Likely every Tumblr user on the planet was excited by the announcement of Babblr, a Google Chrome plug-in designed to let you chat in real time with all your BBFs (Best Blog Friends). Finally, a way to waste time while you’re wasting time! So far in the rollout, however, we’ve gotten only a stream of irate posts about how the damn thing won’t function, period.

Yes, it seems possible to add the Babblr gizmo to your Tumblr dashboard, but that’s about it: afterward it will repeatedly tell you to log in and “select a chat,” whatever that means. Some users are even freaking out about the possibility that Babblr is a hacker program that will steal your information—this because, it would seem, Tumblr didn’t design the feature itself. Everyone else is just typical tech-geek angry. 

But! Apparently the servers are currently down due to (predictably) overwhelming traffic. It may already be fixed at this point—just kidding, definitely not. Anyway, hang in there, chatterboxes! Or go find a human being to interact with in actual meatspace. 
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