NYC Marathon Will Go On Without an Opening Ceremony

Oh boy. In the wake of hurricane Sandy—the natural disaster that has left so many of our community members still without power, without homes, without heat, without many of the things that we take for granted on the regular—the ING NYC Marathon is still happening. Yup, unbelievable. Runners from all over the world will RUN for 26.2 miles across all five boroughs. Have you seen current pictures of Staten Island? I’m pretty sure it’s under water and these fellow New Yorkers need our help. Yes, help Staten Island! With race day still approaching on Sunday, they have cancelled the long standing tradition of the opening ceremony. I completely understand the cancellation of this event yet don’t understand them not canceling the fun run all together—but I think were not suppose to talk about this?

I have to say, I was pumped for this big kick off party, mainly because Brooklyn’s very own Cocoon Central Dance Team was on the bill to preform an elaborate routine that would have surely left us all dazzled for eternity. Tallie, Sunita, and Elenore, the three funny ladies who make up Cocoon have the jazz and pizzaz to get us all out of funks and dancing our problems away. So while there is no opening ceremony slated this year, you can still check out some great videos by the group to two-step and laugh your way to some sanity. Then once you are feeling better, get out and lend a hand to your people!

























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