Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz & Louisa Rose Allen (aka Foxes) on Insanity, Twitter, and Tattoos (Part I)

Pete Wentz knows something you don’t: Louisa Rose Allen, aka Foxes, had one of the best singles of 2013.  Her galloping, anthemic “Youth,” put critics on notice, and set high expectations for her debut album, due next March. Name-checked as one to watch by Katy Perry, and fawned over by music bloggers and critics (“She’s almost too perfect,” sighed The Guardian’s Caroline Sullivan), comparison to Britain’s long line of distinctive female troubadours, from Kate Bush to Florence Welsh, was both inevitable, and fitting.

So far, though, Allen’s biggest hit is her collaboration with Zedd on the club hit, “Clarity,” which reached number 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart in November, scored a performance on Letterman, and clocked a Grammy nomination. Wentz himself got to work with Allen earlier this year when she contributed guest vocals to “Just One Yesterday” on Fall Out Boy’s fifth album, Save Rock and Roll (in the video for the song, Wentz spews up snakes, vomits blood, and terrifies a young girl in a tutu; Foxes is a whole lot easier on the eyes, but not as innocent as she first seems).

The two found time to catch up and talk web etiquette, music influences, and tattoos.


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