Emerging Designers: Karolyn Pho

Since designing her label’s first collection in 2012, Karolyn Pho’s clothes have already appeared in stores across the world – Satine in California, West LA in Dubai, Beaute in Japan, Melange in Kuwait, and Raised by Wolves in New York, among others.

Pho’s clothes do an easy aesthetic bounce between New York and Los Angeles. Though she’s California born and bred, her silhouette recalls a slightly more structured culture, though by no means uptight. Her girl is a youthful, fun, determined sophisticate on the rise – just like the designer herself – and her carefully chosen colors – nude, red, black, white – make an easy wardrobe. It’s minimalism with a punch.

Femininity still reigns, without ever faltering toward girly. She doesn’t take herself too seriously – just consider the “Boobie” tee. Smart additions like latex cardigans that employ trompe l’oeil are formed specially to appear 3-D, swinging skirts, and perforated summer blazers take the work out of dressing appropriately and interestingly for anything– she can go anywhere without a costume change.

Pho has thought her customer out fully – it makes sense, given her background as a fashion stylist and wardrobe designer for film. She knows the whole story, and she’s telling it through her collections.

Karolyn Pho wears her own designs in the film above.

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