Victoria Beckham Poshes Up SpongeBob SquarePants

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imageIt’s an unforgiving, blustery world out there in the sunny landscape of children’s programming. Which is why a little celebrity cachet goes long, long way when it comes to making certain shows endure — like that one time Destiny’s Child sashayed through Sesame Street, leaving more humble shows without such gimmicks to perish. Lately, Victoria Beckham becomes the latest in a glitzy retinue of Tinseltown fixtures to record notable bit parts for SpongeBob SquarePants. Also on the roster are David Bowie (who exhibits similarly Spongebobian gender-flexibility), Johnny Depp, and Scarlett Johansson.

For Beckham, the x-factor for this particular role wasn’t the strong-arming of a hungry agent, but rather that of Cruz, the youngest of the Beckham brood. Adds an insider, “Scriptwriters created the role of a posh British princess especially for her and were blown away by what a natural she was. Victoria enjoyed every minute and is keen to do more. Network bosses have been in touch since, offering more work — she really does have her pick of projects.”

But rest easy. This foray into voice-over isn’t meant to signify a new career pursuit. But those unconvinced of the not-singer’s not-acting prowess need consult her reel, which not only consists of foiling Vanessa Williams on Ugly Betty and spouting general bitchiness in Spice World, but also the biggest, quasi-Borat acting feat of her life. You know, the one where she punked all of us into thinking that she could carry a tune, then rode our ignorance all the way to the bank. Well played, Posh, well played.