The Black List: Michelle Trachtenberg

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As the wickedly electric Georgina Sparks on TV’s Gossip Girl, actress Michelle Trachtenberg transformed from Jane Doe into this generation’s Joan Collins. Here, the star of NBC’s upcoming medical drama Mercy sharpens her claws.

1. Peanut butter. Yes, really. 2. The fact that my gay and lesbian friends can’t marry in California. 3. Areas with no BlackBerry reception. 4. People who refer to themselves in the third person. Michelle thinks that’s ridiculous. 5. Mean gossips, haters and bullies. I graduated from high school a long time ago. 6. Paparazzi during the holidays: “No mom, that shopping bag I’m carrying from your favorite store has nothing to do with you. That was a decoy bag to throw you off the scent.” Damn. Plan B? 7. The fact that I’m a Muggle … or am I? 8. People who come up to me and say, “Wow! You are so much prettier in real life!” Newsflash: This is not a compliment. 9. Spotting the guy who looks like he smells like poo while boarding a plane, and then realizing that your initial observation was correct when he sits next to you for a six-hour flight. 10. The fact that this list only has 10 options, so … guyliner (enough said); a warm seat when you first slide into a taxi; Jewish mother guilt (gets you every time); people who say I’m paler than Casper (It’s called porcelain, bitch).

Car: 2009 Aston Martin V8 Vintage Roadster. Ring by Van Cleef & Arpels. Photo by Randall Slavin. Styling by Jodi Leesley. Hair: Jenny Cho @ The Wall Group. Makeup: Fiona Stiles @ The Wall Group.