Jonathan Ames Is Pretty Bummed About ‘Bored to Death’

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Yesterday, HBO fans were incensed by the network’s cancellation of one of its most acclaimed shows, Bored to Death, the Brooklyn stoner detective comedy starring Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis. The usual storm of internet outrage followed: petitions were started, tweets were tweeted, tumblogs were tumbled. How could such a smart show be cancelled on such a smart network? Where would we find such an accurate representation of Brooklyn? Where was the justice?

Sadly, the show is probably gone for now, a fact that isn’t lost on series creator Jonathan Ames (also the name of the show’s main character, if you didn’t know). He talked to Vulture about the numbness of cancellation, how he’d seen the end coming for a few months, and his disappointment over HBO’s seemingly arbitrary ratings thresholds. "It’s very sweet," he said of the petitions to save the show. "I don’t want to discourage it, but I’m embarrassed." The real meat comes when he talks about the potential for more stories, regardless of the format.

Hopefully no matter what happens, they’ll live in the audience’s minds, like they’re still out there, getting stoned and screwing up. Half seeing, half blind. This would be a weird identity thing for me, but maybe I’ll write a book from the fourth season from the point of view of Jonathan Ames, the character. That would even confuse me! [Laughs.] I have ideas for a fourth season that could translate nicely into a fun caper/detective movie. One of the things I wanted to explore was that as Jonathan became a more capable detective, we could increase the action and the slapstick and the adventures. A comic book could be fun, because I could write out all these things we wanted to do. You’d miss their inflections, though.

If you live in New York and you’re reading this right now, it’s not too late to grab a drink with Ames. He’s having fans meet him at the Brooklyn Inn where he’ll buy a free drink for anyone who shows up (or so he says; he has a lot of fans in Brooklyn, I’m sure). I bet he’d love to hear all of your fan theories.