Diddy Drops Knowledge on Home Shopping Network

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Last night, while you were watching winged lingerie models instead of pundits debating the president’s get-more-in-so-we-can-get-them-all-out strategy, you were looking at the wrong thing. Over on the Home Shopping Network, P. Diddy was selling the Sean “Diddy” Combs Ultra Plush Fleece Robe ($59.90, available in black, white and gunmetal: “They look like a faux fur, they’re that plush.”) and the fragrances Unforgivable ($57 for the Classic package, $78 for the Deluxe. Gift set comes with watch!) and I Am King ($57 for the gift set). Sitting next to an obsequious fembot, a relaxed Combs really pushed his wares, explaining, “I think when people first heard the statement, I Am King they thought that I was talking about myself. [Ed: No! Never!] In all actuality I was talking about the king in all of us.“ Better still, “I have a very sensitive nose” and “This is not a celebrity fragrance, this is a designer luxury fragrance. This is a fragrance I actually designed.” Three awesome videos of Diddy on this self-proclaimed “historical day for the Sean John brand and HSN” flirting with the call-in ladies, talking about how empresses are better than queens and holiday gift shopping after the jump.