Chloe Sevigny to Hit the Small Screen as a Transexual Assassin

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From playing the girl who contracts HIV in Kids to the Vincent Gallo blow job scene in Brown Bunny to her current role in Big Love, Chloe Sevigny has never played it safe. Sticking with the career trajectory based on playing nontraditional characters, her next role is Mia, a pre-op transsexual that is also a hired assassin. Of course.

In Hit and Miss, Mia becomes a father/mother (?) when she learns she has a son by an ex-girlfriend who is dying of cancer, which is sure to lead to all sorts of heart-pulling moments when it comes to balancing cold-hearted killing with parenting. Sounds good!

And like all things Chloe, fashion figures in. A shot from filming shows that she can commit murder while wearing an adorable outfit complete with thigh highs.


Originally airing in Britain, the show has been picked up by DirecTV and is set for February 2012.